What Documents To Provide?

Families with gross income below the current federal Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) guidelines (see table below) are eligible for funding of up to a maximum of $400 per child per calendar year. 

LICO July 2017


We require both of the following documents to show your family's income and family size.

  1. The Notice of Assessment for the 2016 tax year for each adult member of the household to verify family income. Note: even if the income is $0, we still need to see the tax notice. The Notice of Assessment should show name, tax year, and Line 150 Gross Income. 
  2. The 2016 Canada Child Benefit (CCB-OCB) Notice. We look at marital status and number of children on page two to verify family size. If you don't have the CCB notice, then an alternative would be either the Ontario Trillium Benefit (OTB) notice or GST-HST Credit notice.

Alternatives to the above two documents include include:

  • A recent Ontario Works (OW) statement that shows name and monthly amount.
  • For refugees-immigrants, we can accept a Statutory Declaration from Immigrant Services or Settlement Services.

If these documents cannot be provided, please contact us to find out what we can accept.