2015 and previous Years

From the Families

"As a parent, we try to do our best by our little ones. Sometimes we can't control life's plot twists. This year was a bad series of events. I tell you this so you truly understand the depth of my gratitude, and happiness we feel. Words cannot express how thankful we are. How much joy I will feel when my kiddo opens her gifts. After the year we've had this act of kindness means all the more to us. Especially me. I hope the coming years bring you peace, happiness and many blessing."

"There are no words to describe how grateful I am for everything you have done for my family. You have made this Christmas where it wouldn't have existed otherwise. I send your family more love than your hearts can handle."

"I am humbled by the generosity of people who do not even know us. Thank you for making my son's Christmas wishes come true when I could not. It leaves me with mixed feelings - both happy and sad and wishing I was in the position of giving rather than being on the receiving end."

"We have no words to express our gratitude. You are so kind and you put so much love and effort into the presents. We had so much excitement! Everything was perfect. My son slept last night with the (stuffed) lion tugged tight to his body. When he saw the yoga mat that will be just his, he said "this is mine!" Everything looks like a dream. This was amazing! Thank you for making this magical Christmas!"

"There are no words to describe the feelings of gratitude upon receiving your gifts for my daughter and myself. The blessings were overwhelming and I wept and wept. It was everything we needed and so personalized for our family. I was not expecting such love and kindness."

"To our generous donor(s): Thank you so much for all the presents we received. You helped to put a smile on my daughter's face on Christmas morning. We will always remember your generosity. You are an inspiration for others to do good in the community. I hope to one day be able to give back to other families in need, as you have inspired me to do so."

"We don't know who you are but we are super grateful for all you did for our family! Thank you for supporting the program because you saved my family when we were at our low!"

"Thank you so much for making a little girl's Christmas so wonderful. Without the kindness and warmth from Angels like yourselves, I can't imagine what a sad Christmas children would have."

"Both my children and I appreciate the effort that was made during this busy and often stressful time of the year. We appreciate not only the generous gifts but the time which was taken to drive from store to store in order to purchase the gifts we received."

"We were in shock with your generosity with all the gifts....My son really enjoyed getting the bus tickets, all of the school supplies and the gift cards. The grooming items were a huge help. For a teenager trying to fit in, any little bit helps. He is now fully prepared for the next semester at school and having a new binder is a godsend."

"Honestly, I cannot put into words how grateful we are to you for reaching out this hoiday season and making our Christmas a wonderful and memorable time. My husband and I had a difficult year financially and it would have been a sad Christmas for our three children if it weren't for you. "

"Thank you also for the grocery gift cards. We were able to purchase a chicken, some sweet potatoes, fresh vegetables and pumpkin pie. I also managed to purchase some snacks that we enjoyed during the day. We were able to enjoy Christmas like other people, it was a wonderful day."

"The thought of whether I would be able to make Christmas happen was a debilitating stress. Thanks to all your thoughtful gifts, that stress was replaced with tears of joy. You made a difference in our lives and I am eternally grateful."

"Thank you for your kindness in helping me give my daughter a Christmas and a chance to continue to believe in Santa and the magic of Christmas."

From Referring Agencies

"My client asked me to write the thank you that she dictated and she could hardly put words together as she was so moved. Her son had been asking for weeks if we thought he might get a new blanket. Those of us who refer families get as much joy from seeing our families receive unexpected gifts as they do. You are a gift to us too." ~ a worker from Guelph Community Health Centre

"I just wanted to send a BIG thank you for all you do. When the (parents) received the gifts, both had tears Kids Drawings Collageof joy and gratefulness for this." ~ a school teacher

"Adopt-A-Family is a reminder of the larger community that connects us together. Adopt-A-Family brings to light the care that we have for one another in Guelph-Wellington. The generosity in this community is overwhelmingly touching. The thoughtfulness and careful planning that goes into each families gifts would bring tears to your eyes to see. As a worker, you become the face of Adopt-A-Family to those you are referring - receiving the wish lists and delivering the gifts. When the gifts arrive, we feel like elves delivering on behalf of donors. I've received many appreciative hugs from parents who are so grateful for everything that the program provides for their families. Being part of the Adopt-A-Family program as a worker is such a rewarding experience." ~ Kristin Hunter, CMHA

"Christmas can be difficult for those without family or those experiencing family conflict. It is wonderful to see the tremendous support the community provides to ensure we have gifts and holiday treats for all our youth." ~ Wyndham House

"I am writing to thank you so much for the wonderful gifts you gave to Suzy. Everything you picked out for her was perfect. You would have loved to have seen the smile on her face when I came to the door with all the wrapped gifts. She could not believe her eyes and could hardly wait to open all of the packages. She loved that she got a new blanket and towels. She said she had never had brand new and always had second hand things. It is so heart warming to see a young adult be so excited about Christmas. Suzy is really still a child inside and the gifts you gave allowed her to have a Christmas she would otherwise not have had. Thank you for caring about the youth in our community and giving from your heart!”

"I would like to sincerely thank you for your generous donation of holiday gifts to our students. When we opened the gifts, things started off normally, with kids chattering and talking, then all of a sudden: stunned silence, then just a quick, hooting and hollering of excitement! We had some kids with tears in their eyes, honestly." ~ Teacher at Youth Moving Forward 

From Donors

"You have the hard work: caring for Guelph's needy families all year, and especially at Christmas when expectations are high and so many have so little. Thank you for all the work you do, to make this foundation work. Our own family has been blessed with good fortune. We gave ourselves a different gift this year, the gift of giving to others. More importantly, our personal Christmas spirits were revived this year when we were able to give to those who wished for something and really needed it. Again, thanks for all you do for this community. We will continue to support The Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington.”

"Instead of giving gifts to my immediate family this year, we chose to be donors for Adopt-A-Family. We enjoyed this experience so much, we have decided to make it a tradition every year! As a family, we planned a shopping day together on a Sunday afternoon in December and so enjoyed picking out the gifts from the families' list. We felt being donors was a win-win: instead of going to the mall individually and buying gifts for each other, we got to spend time together to make someone else's holiday a little brighter. The reward that we all felt from participating in this program was overwhelmingly wonderful. I would highly recommend to any family that is looking for a way to give to be part of the Adopt-A-Family program. It's such a joyous and well-organized program that makes a difference in the lives of so many."

 "My husband and I each have lived through poverty and deprivation at certain times in our lives. I was born in a very poor family in Greece and until I turned 11 and immigrated to Canada, was crowded with my parents in one room which had no running water, and no heat. We have been very fortunate in recent years with careers and family life and even though we are not rich, we have enough that we wanted to help a family at Christmas. When I called to find out about the program, I was told that they had one family left which was rather large – 1 mom and 5 children! My husband came home from work, we discussed it, and even though we weren’t sure if we could manage financially, we decided to go for it anyway. We thought, well, we’ll just have to give our kids less, so that another family can have a good Christmas. Well, when my 83 year old mom heard about it, even though she lives only on her old age pension, she insisted that she contribute towards the gifts. We visited a friend who was diagnosed with cancer and wasn’t sure how long she has. She too, wanted to contribute towards the family. My husband, for the first time that year, received a monetary bonus from work. By the time we finished shopping for this family, I was so grateful to the universe. Surely, there must be forces greater than us working to make these things happen."

- Maria & Steve Chovaz